Health Functional Foods

[INQ. NO. 1605C11] of Korea’s leading functional food specialist companies, Pharmsville Co., Ltd. has launched its ‘Appletree Dr. Kim’ brand developed by its highly qualified pharmacists for providing professional health advice to individuals, based on their own unique health status.
With this solid foundation, Pharmsville is leading the domestic market by thoroughly analyzing the needs of consumers. Its specialized pharmacists have been involved in starting from sourcing of raw materials and designing the correct nutritional balance for the individual, thus ensuring that its functional foods are tailor-made for consumers.

‘Devil Diet,’ another flagship brand of Pharmsville specializing in functional food for dieting purposes is constantly sold out on Korean home-shopping channels. The brand
attracted a lot of popularity, achieving a No. 1 sales-ranking among products of the same kind. Following through the achievements, Pharmsville continues to broaden its exposure and availability to consumers by constantly expanding its sales outlets to include shopping malls, drug stores, convenience stores, supermarkets, home-shopping and duty free stores, with the recent addition of Lotte Duty Free to its sales outlets.
With U.S. FDA approval, Pharmsville has been accelerating its global market expansion. MBC America plans to introduce Devil Diet to the Vietnamese market through GS Home Shopping and VIPSHOP of China in May. As for the Indonesian market, a local subsidiary Pharmsville Indonesia has been established, as well as Pharmsville International for import and export operations. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods