Korean Snacks “NEO Crispy Roll” & “Cong-jolmi”

http://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1606C28] NEO Crispy Roll is a food made of 29 natural materials, 21 grains and eight vegetables. This is a product made through a combination of seonsik (cooked and powdered grain food), the excellent Korean cuisine culture and convenience. As many as 21 different kinds of nutritious whole grains and eight kinds of vegetables are baked, without frying, so the snack provides savory taste and is good for health.
NEO Crispy Roll is filled with three different kinds of creams (cream cheese, cheddar cheese, vanilla) which are soft and will satisfy your taste buds. You can enjoy three different kinds of Crispy Roll to match your preferred taste. NEO Crispy Roll is enjoyable for people of all ages as a healthy snack or a light meal.

Cong-jolmi is a snack made with baked and tasty soybean powder. You can enjoy the savory taste of the traditional Korean food, ‘Injeolmi’ (rice snack), anytime, anywhere you want with convenience. The soybean is well known for its high nutritional value. The Congjolmi is made by covering the baked rice snack with the soybean powder. Once you taste it, you may not want to stop eating this snack with its fantastic taste.

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