Tteokbokki[INQ. NO. 1606C32] Tteokbokki, made with soft rice cake, fish cake, and a spoonful of pepper paste is a very popular and a widely available food for Koreans. As it has increasingly become one of the favorite Korean snacks among foreign consumers as well, Korean food companies are coming up with instant tteobokki products which can be cooked easily and conveniently at home.Untitled-25.jpg
Among them, KCT Foods that operates a popular tteokbokki franchise with 50 stores takes the lead in getting tteokbokki onto the world stage by introducing instant tteokbokki products. They provide the original taste of tteokbokki that is served at its Gongju Tteokbokki franchise stores in Korea. The instant tteokbokki, made of 99.8% rice cake features chewy texture and bite size rice gnocchi and do not contain any meat and alcoholic-processed ingredients. It can be kept at room temperature (0-25°C) and there is no need to freeze. It is a sterilized product.

Gongju Tteokbokki Pouch (360g) contains rice cake 150g x2 and sauce packet 30g x2
• Three different spicy levels are available – very hot, normal and mild (for children)
• Tteok (rice cake) and powder sauce sachet (containing no meat) are included.
• One can cook tteokbokki at home easily and quickly like preparing instant ramen.
Gongju Tteokbokki Cup (230g) consists of rice cake 200g and sauce packet 30g.
• Microwave-ready cup: It can be ready to serve in 3-4 minutes.
• Tteok (rice cake) and powder sauce sachet/ spoon are included. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods