Dish-drying Rack

[INQ. NO. 1607C08] Wellmate Prime Dish Rack a premium dishdrying rack featuring quality materials and excellent design.
Made using Lamis, which contains semi-permanent antibacterial material with outstanding antibacterial property of 99.9%, water-resisting qualities, and causes no harm to the human body, the dish rack provides high durability and superior scratch resistance, ensuring long-time use. The combination of laborious design details – space-efficient design, rounded corners and application of transparent window – and sanitary materials provide optimal convenience, enhancing your kitchen interior. The dish rack is also ideal for organizing and drying your clean plates, cups, spoons and cutting boards safely.

It comes with a main body, a water tray, and a spoon holder. The Lamis body is also easy to clean just by using water. Wellmate, a kitchenware & living solution brand, is devoted to providing the highest-quality products incorporating the cutting-edge materials and functionality to realize customer satisfaction. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods