Effervescent Diffuser “MONCIEL” & LED Coaster “SOL-INVICTUS”

[INQ. NO. 1607C12] Founded in 2014, JOHNMAKER http://korean-products.com/inquiryCo., Ltd. is a venture company specializing in product development and production of promotional products and fragrances combining design elements.
Effervescent Diffuser “MONCIEL”: The diffuser can be used as both liquid and solid. You just need to put the MONCIEL on warm or hot water in bottle or cup. Then foam occurs and the room will be immediately filled with strong and pleasant aromas. If you use VU products together for sleeping mood, color therapy and aromatic fragrance will bring about relaxation and healing effect.

LED Coaster “SOL-INVICTUS”: This is a tabletop LED lighting & coaster for placing drinks on for a variety of exciting gatherings. It will brighten up any place by creating an inviting atmosphere in various events. You can readily activate the LED lighting with one touch. It features an anti-slip soft silicon case.

Material: silicone rubber
Size: 114 x 114 x 10.8mm
Weight: 110g (including 3 batteries)
Power: coin battery
Continuous operation: 60 hours

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