Fatty Acid esters, Plasticizers, Emulsifiers

[INQ. NO. 1607C26] Geo-Young Corporation (GYC) has https://korean-products.com/inquiryspecialized in producing fatty acid esters (FAEs), plasticizers, emulsifiers, surfactants for agrochemicals for more than 20 years. In addition, GYC provides custom-request special chemicals in its own R&D center and factory. The main products are 2nd plasticizers which can improve extreme temperature resistance of heat and cold, and the primary clients are PVC/cable/rubber compound manufacturers and agrochemical manufacturers. In addition to adipate, sebacate plasticizers, GYC can also manufacture Benzoate chemicals for coating and plasticity applications.
In 2005, GYC was certified with the quality management system ISO 9001 and the environmental management system ISO 14001.
With strong R&D capability and reliable customer service, GYC is exporting to the USA, Japan, China, Iran and other countries.

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