Multi-functional Mixer

[INQ. NO. 1607C09] CooningTuktagi is an all-in-one mixer performing squeezing, grinding, chopping and kneading functions. The mixer features streamlined design and bimetallic safety device, and it comes with a 1,500 ml container. This multifunctional device will help you to easily make various dishes such as hamburger steak, tofu, fruit juice, and sauces at home.
2016-07-14 16;35;58Using the chopper function, you can easily chop meat, vegetables, and even make ice flakes. Equipped with powerful 20,856 rpm and titanium blade, the kitchen appliance can grind roasted coffee beans and drip brewed coffee by using a filter at home. The blade is detachable so that you can thoroughly remove the residue stuck in the gaps between parts.
By using the juice extractor with the dual stainless steel mesh (two-sized holes), Tuktagi can manufacture a variety of vegetable and fruit juice drinks. Art Co., Ltd., founded in 1998, specializes in electric kitchen appliances such as far infrared ray electric roasters, multi-purpose cookers, multi-functional mixers and coffee makers for commercial and household uses. With international certifications such as ISO9001, UL, NRTC, CE and KTC, the company exports to 35 countries including the USA, Germany, Japan, the UK and Australia. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods