Organic Korean Ginseng

[ INQ. NO. 1608C24] Gins eng i s Kor ea’ s representative health food that has been cultivated for over thousands of years, and the ‘Goryeo Insam’ has become bywords referring to the highest quality ginseng grown in Korean soil.
Korean Organic Ginseng Cooperative, which consists of eight organic ginseng farmers, strives to inherit and preserve the time-honored tradition and value of the Korean ginseng by cultivating organic ginseng of highest quality in a natural way, without using agricultural chemicals.

The cooperative specializes in the supply of raw organic ginseng, sales and processing of ginseng and it is also preparing to make inroads into overseas markets.
It devotes its efforts to improving the health of both Korean consumers and global citizens by providing reliable ginseng of highest quality. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods