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August 22, 2016


Visitors to South Korea can stay comfortably in diverse accommodations offering a variety of tantalizing service and prices from business hotels, to guest houses and youth hostels.

Particularly, people who seek traditional housing and hospitality should try spending a night or more in a Korean traditional house called a ‘hanok.’ Referred to as living museums, hanoks contain in their layout and structure the history of ancient Korean architecture and society. A typical hanok is characterized by wooden pillars, mud walls, a daecheongmaru (wooden floor/porch) for temperature control during different seasons, and a courtyard or a garden.
Hanok Stay refers to staying in the traditional Korean house. It is a good opportunity to experience traditional Korean lifestyle and culture. The traditional houses available for hanok stays are decades to hundreds of years old. They have been somewhat renovated for the convenience and safety of guests, but the traditional Korean style and sentiment are still retained.

Old furniture, paper-pasted windows, and props like soy jars add to the traditional ambiance. Most homes for hanok stay have electronic goods, including a TV set, and Western-style toilets, but some still have traditional toilets. If you prefer a Western-style toilet, you are strongly recommended to make reservations in advance. Some houses offer
various programs to experience Korean culture, including tea ceremonies, pottery making, and traditional Korean folk games. Simple meals are usually available at an extra charge.
Houses for hanok stay vary in size; some are very large with a guest house and a main building, while others are small with only bedrooms and a living room. Room rates also vary widely. You are recommended to consider various factors when choosing one, such as the room rate and nearby tourist attractions.
Combining the elegance of Korea’s past with modern amenities, many hanoks provide accommodation while offering cultural immersion programs for an enhanced Korean traditional living experience.
Guests can enjoy the unique opportunity to take a break from modern accommodation and experience the traditional housing and lifestyle in a hanok in some of the most famous hanok villages or hanokmaeul.

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