Angle-changing Type Block Toy “IRINGO

[INQ. NO. 1608C01] Kids like toys because have fun and fi nd them enjoyable. However, toys have signifi cance beyond just being fun objects for kids. They grow and develop their minds through play, while learning a lot about themselves and the world around them by playing with toys. That’s why many parents with young kids think over choosing the right toys that will promote their kids’ physical and sensitive developments.
IRINGO Co., Ltd. is a specialized toy company engaged in developing and manufacturing “IRINGO,” the world-first inventive angle-changing type block, which helps improve both the EQ and IQ of children.

Untitled-10.jpgAnd, every shape, color and texture o f the IRINGO blocks creates audiovisual stimulation through the sound of block inserting and joint cracking, off ering a learning experience for a child. In addition, as kids build a variety of forms and shapes, the block toy can basically help develop one’s motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
The existing old-generation blocks are inserted from top to down or from side to side, which limits the blocks’ contents to be enjoyed. Overcoming the simplicity of assembly, IRINGO has been designed as an angle-changing type block that can be freely assembled, deformed and combined together, providing a child with a new world of unlimited imagination. And its fourdirectional assembly makes up for the shortcoming of simple insertion of traditional block toys.
The length and height of each block are the same as 25mm so that location can be changed by 45-degree or 180-degree rotation. And location sett ing can be made even after assembly.
A broad range of sets are available ranging from forklift truck, to concrete truck, bulldozer and poaclain excavator, as well as robot, car, airplane, puppy. IRINGO will provide a creative and self-engaging environment in which kids can discover their true potential and capabilities.
The excellence of IRINGO’s technology has been verified, with patents registered in many countries such as Australia, the USA, countries in EU, China, Hong Kong, Brazil, India and Japan, as well as in South Korea.


And the block toys have been internationally recognized by global consumers, being exported to various countries including Japan, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Australia and countries in Europe and Oceania. Furthermore, the toy company is steadily participating in the major global toy fairs in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Australia, attracting a good response from buyers. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods