Eco-friendly Feed Additives Provider

[INQ. NO. 1608C12] Since its founding in 1998, Inc.
has been continuously developing new products, on basis of its own technology and know-hows in the animal production industry. SOMA Inc. holds several patents and trademark rights for manufacturing chelated minerals, computerized feeding system, and brand functional meat with biotechnological process.
SOMA Inc. manufactures more than 60 kinds of eco-friendly feed additives by using biotechnological process, such as probiotics, yeast culture, enzymes, acidifiers, organic minerals, de-odor agent, propolis product, and others with possessing technical licenses and brand patents in most products.

These feed additives are alternatives to antibiotics, chemical products, and anti-microbial products which can have effects on human health.
SOMA Inc. has been committed to reducing production costs through utilization of unique outsourcing and toll manufacturing systems, along with the sales expansion of products not only in domestic markets, but also in exports markets including Asia, Africa and Latin America countries.
SOMA Inc. products, which consist mostly of multi-ingredients and multi-functional products, are being highly rated for giving profitable and simple solutions for feed mills and animal producers in many countries around the world.
SOMA Inc. is the only manufacturer of concentrated feeds in South Korea with a monopoly on base mix production in domestic market. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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