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September 19, 2016

ShieldGreen is an electromagnetic wave shielding fabric and clothes http://korean-products.com/inquirybrand. “Shield” means shielding harmful electromagnetic waves while “Green” means a healthy and natural environment. The company produces electromagnetic wave shielding bedding, aprons, and products for pregnant women and babies as its main products.
Even though the malefi cence of electromagnetic waves is on the rise, most anti- electromagnetic wave fi bers, bedding and clothes are loaded with heavy metals that do much harm to human bodies. ShieldGreen produces premium fashion products based on eco-friendly silver threads that beat Europe’s silver threads. Therefore, the company is taking the lead in electromagnetic wave shielding bedding and clothes.
untitled-55ShieldGreen’s EMF Shielding Apron Lavender was applied with stainless steel threads, and designed with gray color. This product impresses people with wave flower patterns. Its X-shaped back shoulder strap makes it easy to put on and take off the product.
ShieldGreen’s EMF Shielding Blanket Modern Check has external check patt ern fabrics. Its inner lining blanket is applied with stainless threads with light gray colored designs. This electromagnetic wave shielding blanket can be used as a comfortable anti-electromagnetic wave blanket when people use notebooks, Wi-Fi and wearable devices in their homes and in offices.
Outer lining with high quality fabrics of various selectable patt erns fi t for various bedroom decor was applied to ShieldGreen’s EMF Shielding Bedding set Stripe Blue. The inner lining feels very good as silver threads wereused for excellent soft feel.

Making Forays into Overseas Markets

ShieldGreen develops its technology and design in collaboration with Gyeonggi Techno Park, the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, Anyang University and the Gyeonggi College of Science and Technology. ShieldGreen is introducing anti-electromagnetic wave materials and technologies from the most advanced companies in Europe which place top priority on safety. At the same time, the company is developing its own technology to produce bett er fabrics.
ShieldGreen is sticking to its principle of producing its products in Korea only. The company is expanding its markets into China, Europe, Japan and the United States. In July 2016, the company successfully exported its products to the USA thanks to helps from the Chicago branch of KOTRA.

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