Educational Block Toys

Until now, of the blocks and simple assembly toys were designed and developed, mainly focusing on creating the form of an object. Such toys have children concentrate on building the exterior of an object, rather than understanding the fundamentals of each object, resulting in leaning more towards play itself than learning or educational effect.
That is why Unitrust Development Co., Ltd. decided to raise the concept of assembly toys to another level by engaging development of its fl agship educational toy “IQ KEY” in the past 10 years, which is designed to help children to understand the science fundamentals and foster children’s unlimited imagination and potential in the process of playing with the educational block toys.

“IQ Key” can be assembled by using various functional capsules and blocks, which are utilized by a patented combination mechanism and it may be especially useful for children to perceive the principles of science by manipulating the various components of the game for themselves.
By using over 40 kinds of variously shaped components, it helps children to understand diverse scientifi c principles and phenomena more easily. When children challenge themselves to create a model, they are encouraged to use their total imagination. This method aids children in discovering the principles of science.
“IQ Key” also allows children to have the fun of gaming, while helping foster their creativity to promote further advancements in their learning abilities. All the parts of “IQ Key” are made of non-poisonous elements including polycarbonate, the safe material used in baby nursing bott les, and it is certifi ed by ASTM, CPSIA, EN71 and CCC.

“IQ Key” consists of the following four diff erent series:

“Perfect Series” teaches principles of science through the operation of a batt ery and wire switch once assembly of the gear capsule and block is complete.


“Advance Series” helps children comprehend the principles of science through the operation of a battery, wireless receiver, and remote control once assembly of the gear
capsule and block is complete.


“Green Series” helps kids comprehend the principles of science through the operation of
eco-friendly energy, such as solar heat while assembling the gear capsules and blocks.


“Builder Series” helps children learn about the principles of science through manual operation in the process of the assembly of the gears, capsules and blocks. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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