[INQ. NO. 1609C03] Citron, which is called yuja in Korean, has long been used as a remedy for the cold during winter by Korean people. With fresh scent and a strong acid taste, citron contains high amounts of vitamin C (three times more vitamin C than in lemons), vitamin B and minerals, giving various health and skincare benefits. In addition, the fruit’s ample amount of carboxylic acid provides great anti-aging and fatigue-reducing effects.
Citrons are produced in Korea, China and Japan, but the Korean citron is famous for its particularly rich scent, excellent color and thick peel. Particularly, Goheung, Wando and Jindo are the main citron producing areas in South Korea. They have the ideal natural condition for cultivating citrons, with a wonderful sea breeze from ocean waters and the region’s fertile soil. As the sea breeze keeps the weather mild and stable, the region boasts a greater amount of photosynthesis than elsewhere, enjoying the nation’s largest amount of sunshine hours. Thanks to the great natural environment, the citrons from Goheung and Wando are prized for their unrivaled quality, ranging from their bigger size, to the larger quantities of juice, and lower number of seeds, as well as their exceptional aroma and flavor. When they are consumed as a tea, the content of dietary fibers and vitamin C are increased. To further promote Korea’s highest-quality citrons worldwide, YUJA Cluster Agency is engaged in researching and developing eco-friendly cultivation and a variety of citron products including citron tea, powdered vitamins, and citron cosmetics using fresh Korean citrons. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods