Korean Laver Snack

[INQ. NO. 1609C05] A rich source of vitamins and minerals, Korean laver products are beloved for their savory flavor and taste.
Prestige Laver Export http://korean-products.com/inquiryAgency Association Inc. has been involved in the development of new types of laver products, which are better suited to the palates of global consumers, going beyond the existing seasoned laver products, on the basis of thorough overseas market research and testing. The Korean company finally launched its new laver snack called “Maro’s Chip 43” in the global market in 2014.
As the laver snack is not fried in oil and contains natural ingredients such as almond, sesame, pepper and coconut, there is no need for concern about high calories and gaining weight, which will be a nutritional snack for both kids and adults. Also, it contains absolutely no artificial dyes, synthetic flavoring and synthetic sweeteners. There are four different flavors available – almond-sesame, cheese, spicy and sweet coconut.

The Prestige Laver Export Agency Association Inc. processes and produces Korean laver products from its clean and sanitary high-tech facilities meeting the highest standards for HACCP and USDA organic certification. In addition, the laver is produced in one of the cleanest ocean waters in Seocheon and Boryeong area in Korea, which boasts a wide tideland rich in minerals thanks to the significant contrast of ebbs and flows. The natural environment helps Seocheon and Boryeong laver have more vitamins and proteins than lavers of other areas.

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