Be a partner with the Pioneer of Slow Speed Squeezing Type Automatic Juicer Under the philosophy of service to the health and happiness of consumers in the world, GreenPower Juicer Co., Ltd. has been developing advanced technology and state of art design in slow juicer market with a focus on the functions of masticating and squeezing fruits and vegetables, and automatic ejection of the pulp as well.

201610cc_page_061_03Thanks to the low RPM of the motor, GreenPower Juicer during operation hardly produces heat, which is believed to cause harmful eff ect on the nutrients and vitamins in fruits or vegetables.

History of more 20 years of experience as a fi rst mover in slow juicer market, GreenPower Juicer is already exported to tens of countries over the world, including USA, Japan, UK, Germany, Australia, Taiwan, Belgium, and so on.

Ever since the launching of world’s fi rst automatic slow juicer in 1988, GreenPower Juicer Co., Ltd. has developed and introduced as many as 20 diff erent models until today.

Due to the unbelievable power and durability, GreenPower Juicer is widely used in hotels or restaurants as well as at home. Based on such continuous eff ort of technology development, the company has secured 817 patents already domestically and internationally as well (as of August 31, 2016). Furthermore, the company has won so many honorable awards not only in Korea, but also in the world, such as Presidential awards of Korea and international awards from diff erent invention conferences like Nuremburg, Geneva, and Pitt sburg.

Unique Clean System of Green Power Juice Extractor
All of the GreenPower juicers are incorporated with the company’s unique clean technology. Most att ractive advantage of GreenPower Juicer against current competing brands is that it, thanks to the secret of clean twin-gear design, produces no harmful micro-plastics or metallic spin-off s in spite of long and continuous working. In addition to the unique twin-gear technology, strong and durable screen fi lter, positioned in proper and precise place, hardly contacts the gear blades, naturally does not produce unnecessary harmful by-products. GreenPower Juicer is very convenient to operate and easy to clean after work.

With the help of slow speed such as 160 RPM of the motor, the nutrients and minerals in fruits or vegetables are perfectly preserved. Moreover activated juice by powerful Neodymium magnets over 4,200 Gauss and ceramic powder installed inside the twin-gear contribute the juice to live fresh longer and the taste sweeter.

Another tip of GreenPower Juicer’s merit. Surprisingly it generates less than 60dB of the noise in time of operation. Also, the thermal protector of automatic switch-off system prevents the juicer overheated in spite of ever-lasting operation for hours.

With the fantastic advantages of GreenPower Juicer stated above, we invite you to be our warm-hearted partner right now. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods