GMF Creates Light, Healthful and Beautiful Korean Food Products GMF Co., Ltd., the no. 1 manufacturer of frozen dumplings in South Korea is actively seducing the appetite of global consumers by launching frozen Korean style dumpling called ‘Mandu,’ which is tailored to the tastes of foreign consumers as well as local people.

201610cc_page_082_03GMF has its own in-house research lab and NPD team to develop and create modern Korean food with tastes that are suitable for global consumers. GMF also conforms to globally recognized standards such as SQF, FSSC22000, USA FDA, HACCP and even HALAL to provide reliable food to global citizens around the world. On that basis, GMF has steadfastly been expanding its presence in the global markets, growing into Korea’s top dumpling exporter since 1990.

Furthermore, GMF established a French subsidiary in 2015 to target the mainstream markets. With this advance into new markets, GMF is spearheading the move to promote Korean culinary culture among global consumers.
“MANDU” (Korean dumpling)

201610cc_page_082_14 GMF’s frozen dumplings are made to suit the tastes of people outside of Korea so as to make the Korean delicacy more accessible for even those not familiar with Korean food.

In accordance with the recent increasing demand for lighter and healthier diet, GMF has made its frozen dumplings as easy-to-enjoy vegetarian delicacy.

The handmade dumplings are made with the same sincere care and att ention that Koreans show in welcoming guests. The fi lling is made with fresh vegetables. The frozen dumplings are packaged neatly in a customized tray, allowing for convenient and easy cooking. It also comes with a special sauce specifi cally created for the product.

“UDON CUP” (Korean-style fresh noodle)

201610cc_page_082_07GMF’s healthy and light noodle product originated from local food in Korean history. After the Korean War, many Koreans were destitute and starving, so some pioneers invented this food that was easy to cook and eat.

GMF drew inspiration from this historical legacy and came up with the UDON CUP for contemporary people.

“ALOE VERA,” Korean Healthy Drink

201610cc_page_082_11Jeju island of Korea is a home to the indigenous aloe vera. As aloe vera has been widely known to have numerous health benefi ts including skin care eff ect and digestion improvement, it has created an aloe vera boom in Korea since the late 1990s, encouraging Korean enterprises to produce aloe vera drinks. GMF sells high-quality Korean aloe vera drinks. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods