Korean Well-being Snack, “Nurungji”

http://korean-products.com/inquiry Nurungji is a traditional Korean food made of scorched rice. It was naturally made by cooking rice in a bapsot (the traditional Korean cooking pot). When rice is cooked, a thin crust of scorched rice was left in the bott om of the pot.

Korean people referred to this yellowed scorched rice as nurungji. For a long time, nurungji was used by people in Korea as an aftermeal rice soup by adding hot water.

In today’s world, where both men and women busily work for most of the day, they have litt le time to prepare a meal at home, nurungji is gaining popularity again as a healthy meal replacement for its savory taste and ease of use.

Against the backdrop, GL MORE Co., Ltd. is drawing att ention by introducing a variety of nurungji products, made by using home-grown Korean rice. The nurungji is baked in a gas oven at a temperature of 150~200°C, and dried without any artifi cial additives. The yellowed nurungji tastes savory and has a good, crispy texture.

The gluten-free rick snack is an easily digestible food, so it can be a healthy snack for both children and adults. It is good as a simple meal in itself by adding hot water, but making people feeling fuller longer. It is also a low-calorie food that can appeal to consumers who are on a diet.
In addition, the packaged nurungji is a convenience food can be eaten on the go, with litt le or no mess to clean up afterwards during outdoor activities such as hiking or fi shing.
201610cc_page_090_07GL MORE Co., Ltd. is a Korean food enterprise combining competence and passionate mind, and always driven by creative thoughts and ideas. In addition, the company has strongly motivated staff members who strive to ensure that the company will be the best business partner by studying and improving their performance continuously. Based on its great resources, GL MORE focuses on producing well-being foods including nurungji (crust of scorched rice) using environmentally friendly, high-quality materials.

Now, the company is preparing to register “Rice mom, please give more,” as its trademark, and it provides a variety of snacks.

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