Korea’s high-functional beauty care products aiming at the global markets

https://korean-products.com/inquiry [INQ. NO. 1610C51] Livest AP is a cosmetics company pursuing the best value for its customers through creative research, diff erentiated product quality and technology.

– ISFREN is a natural cosmeseutical which helps restore the original skin functions with skin-friendly ingredients found in Mother Nature.
– Based on its development philosophy of focusing on 3S (Safe, Science, Simple), ISFREN is a high-performance cosmetics formulated to simplify complicated skin care routines and ensure you get quick results and optimum convenience.
– ISFREN off ers optimal solutions for various skin problems providing excellent value and reasonable prices.
● ISFREN Rx Magic Eye Solution ex For Dark Circles & Wrinkles Eye Cream
● ISFREN Rx Magic Eye Solution Wise Patch For Dark Circles & Wrinkles Eye Patch
● ISFREN Rx Magic Skin Solution G For Goose Skin Cream

201610cc_page_120_06– DAMYUL is a highly functional Korean herbal medicine cosmetics formulated with selected herbal ingredients, based on traditional Korean skincare regimens.
– The enriched active ingredients of DAMYUL will improve the overall skin condition by giving your face essence, proper nutrition and a glowing appearance.
● DAMYUL JIN Skin Care Set DAMYUL JIN Toner / DAMYUL JIN Emulsion
● DAMYUL JIN Special Set DAMYUL JIN Cream / DAMYUL JIN Eye Cream

Arnold Palmer
201610cc_page_120_10– The multi-colored umbrella, symbol of the brand, represents the professionalism of Arnold Palmer who reached the top with his indomitable spirit of challenge, emphasizing a permanently youthful image.
● ARNOLD PALMER Special Gift MEN`S CARE Skin Control Essence / Treatment Emulsion

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