MAX” Explosion proof Portable Butane Gas Cartridge Butane gas canister has brought a lot of convenience to our life, but it is also undeniable that it has potential dangers from misuse.

Therefore, Daeryuk Can Co., Ltd. has been doing research and development activity for a long time to supply safe portable butane gas canister. As result of the eff ort, it obtained the fi rst CRV patent in the world with regard to explosion-proof system and fi nally launched “MAX” Explosion proof Portable Butane Gas Cartridgeto the market, drawing good responses at home and abroad.
The CRV can structure prevents explosion by releasing gas from 12 Rim Vents equipped on the top of the can when butane gas canister can’t resist high pressure and is about to explode.

It is possible because the CRV cans are seamed triply in the seaming part, while existing cans have double-seaming.

The CRV can’s triple seaming stops the cans from bursting until gas goes out of the can perfectly and helps CRV work well to the end. So, people can use the portable butane gas safely.

201610cc_page_110_13Daeryuk Can Co., Ltd., founded in 1958, is engaged in manufacturing general cans, packages and fi lling aerosol gas. Our company celebrates its 59th anniversary this year. We make a constant eff ort to achieve an company idea which is customer value creation through technical innovation.

Owing to these eff orts, Daeryuk Can is now appreciated as one of the best can makers in Korea that guarantees high technical skills and reliable quality.

With domestic (Korea Industry Standards mark) quality certifi cation and international certifi cations such as CRV, UL,Pi(π), Marking and TUV, Daeryuk Can exports to more than 60 countries in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, East Asia, Europe, the USA, etc.

The company is also a holder of numerous industrial property rights including 29 patents, 7 utilities, 55 trademarks and 58 designs.

Max Camping Gas
201610cc_page_110_06This is suitable for outdoor travelers and camping activities. The blend of iso-butane and propane, it features high performance even in cold weather.
– Net weight: 4oz,8oz,16oz


Max lighter Gas Refi ll
This is suitable for fi lling general refi llable butane lighters (rechargeable torches, disposable lighters, gas mathes, etc.).
It contains high-purity odorless gas after several fi ltering and it is equipped with fi ve types of adapters to fi t various products. It is easy to carry around.
– Net weight: 135g, 150g, 165g, 170g, 180g, 300g, 330g, 460g | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods