Fire Resistant Safes & Fire Resistant Filing Cabinets [INQ. NO. 1611C19] Founded in 1971, BOOIL SAFES Co., Ltd. is a leading company of fire-resistant safes & fire-resistant filing cabinets that has been dedicated to manufacturing reliable and highest- quality safes for 45 years.

Since it moved to a larger factory equipped with advanced and modern production facilities, BOOIL’s product line-up has been expanded to include Hotel Safes, Data Safes, Burglary Safes and Night Depository Safes as well as its existing products such as Fire Resistant Safes and Fire Resistant Filing Cabinets.

To enhance rust resistance, BOOIL SAFES has applied EGI (Electro Galvanized Iron) which is used for automobile steel sheets to its products. Utilizing its technical capability to manufacture thicker doors of safes, the company has provided a different level of durability and sturdiness than what its rivals can match.

It can also produce a variety of products to fit customers’ desires and tastes by applying a broad range of high-end rocks such as FND digital, touch lock, and emergency key lock system.

BOOIL safes’ fire-resistant performance has been proven by acquiring various international and domestic certifications such as SP (Sweden), SINTEF (Norway), UL (the USA), UL/U.S.A, GOST (Russia), JIS (Japan), KS (Korea), CE (Europe) and ISO9001 (the UK).
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