Global Manufacturer of Eco-friendly PVC Stabilizer 2000, Leochem Co., Ltd. started out with a goal of introducing a new paradigm in the PVC stabilizer industry in South Korea and it has steadily grown into a professional producer of PVC stabilizers, backed by the company’s core competence utilizing the best technician and research teams in the country.

201610cc_page_068_03As an eco-friendly PVC stabilizer manufacturer, Leochem has always valued the good of both people and the environment while also tirelessly pursuing progress. Thus, the biotechnology company has been committ ed to countless researches and developments and continuous investment in plant and equipment in order to realize diff erentiation and professionalization of its products.

Leochem’s unique technical strengths have enabled it to gain status and reputation not only locally but also in the global PVC stabilizer market.

Since the company’s very beginning, Leochem established an R&D center with a goal of developing eco-friendly stabilizers, which enabled Leochem to meet the international expectations concerning sustainable development and to manufacture calcium zinc-base stabilizers as well as lead-base products.

Not content with the initial successes, Leochem has continually developed new eco-friendly stabilizers with a variety of materials.

In addition, the company’s cutt ing-edge plant automation system with its specialized production technologies incorporated has made it possible to keep its costcompetitiveness and production capacity.

201610cc_page_068_05Leochem is dedicated to creating maximum value for its customers and providing the best possible quality and competitive advantage.

Leochem stabilizers for pipes are Pb-base, one-pack stabilizers and non-toxic Ca-Zn intermediate complex stabilizers are based on Leochem’s unique dry synthesis technology. Its products are not only in powder form, but also in dust-free pellet and bead types for higher workability and productivity and their white index is high for color variation.

Leochem stabilizers for Rigid PVC products based on the excellent internal lubrication control technology facilitate precise manufacturing of general Rigid PVC products (sashes and other profi le extrusion products).

Excellent in durability, these products are suitable to exterior materials. Also, their excellent dynamic heat stability provides great and stable processibility and workability for single- or twin-screw extruder.

Leochem stabilizers for fi tt ings provide a fast gelation speed and great internal lubrication control to control fl ow properties and enhance productivity for products for injection. In addition, their excellent heat stability helps enhance product quality and makes it possible to be applied to all injected products of both rigid and soft PVC products.

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