Waterproof, Multifunctional and Lightweight Fabric Bags

http://korean-products.com/inquiryWith the environment-friendly trend growing across all industries, Lubunny is emerging as a new icon in the fashion business with its highly functional and aesthetically pleasing bags using eco-friendly materials, rather than animal skin.

Utilizing waterproof fabric and high-frequency quilting method, Lubunny bags feature distinctive patt erns, outstanding practicality and ultra-light weight, drawing keen att ention from customers around the world.

Lubunny off ers an extensive collection of convertible fabric bags, ranging from backpack to cross-body bag and even to tote.

Twoway Bunny: Made by using water-resistant and ultra-light fabric, it is a two-way bag (backpack & crossbody bag) with a capacity of up to 20 kg. Twoway Bunny has a detachable shoulder strap, six-pocket storage, a sturdy handle at the top and inside sponge panel keeping valuables safe.

Quilting Bunny: This is a multi-functional backpack, made with waterproof, lightweight quilting fabric. It is a convertible bag that can be folded and change into a clutch in order for easy carrying. It weighs just 250 g.

Uni Combo: Made by using water-resistant and ultralight fabric, this is a three-way bag converting into a backpack, a cross-body bag or a tote. It is a functional bag with thermal insulation. The bag features four pockets and various storage and light weight of 285 g.

Lubunny is a Korea-based total lifestyle fashion brand built on the spirit of craftsmanship for more than 30 years of tradition and cutt ing-edge technology. Focusing on sensible, unique and practical design and unrivaled quality control, Lubunny is globally expanding its presence in the fashion clothing and accessories industry as well as its fl agship bag business.

Currently, its product line-up includes waterproof, multi-function and lightweight fashion bags, raincoats, waterproof aprons, and pouches that come in a variety of patt erns.
Lubunny has secured global-level price-competitiveness by archiving one-stop solutions integrating design, manufacturing, distribution and sales. And all of the manufacturing processes are made in South Korea to ensure maintaining of high quality acceptable to global consumers.

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