Do-it-yourself (DIY) Decorative Tile [INQ. NO. 1612C01] MRD Co., Ltd. presents a new home interior culture by introducing highquality finishing materials enhancing the interiors in the living space.

The MRD’s DIY ARTtiles are do-it-yourself multi-purpose and high-performing interior finishing material that allows people to redecorate their home without cumbersome and time-consuming work.

201612cc_page_018_03 Made of flexible material, they are easy to install anywhere, regardless of the shape of the wall, including curved walls.

As the interior tiles are made of toxic-free 15mm thick polyolefin foam, they are excellent in heat insulation, impact absorption and soundproofing.

They are also safe for children thanks to soft cushioning materials. It helps prevent children from getting hurt in the event of hitting a wall.

The DIY ARTtiles come in four different shapes and patterns with luxurious colors and fabric. And they are assembled like a puzzle according to color fabrics and patterns so people can create interior designs design of their own wall as they want.

The ARTtiles can be widely used in such places as residences, apartments, hotels and restaurants as well as in facilities for children and senior citizens.

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