Dried Vegetable & Fruit Snacks

http://korean-products.com/inquiry [INQ. NO. 1612C12] The number of consumers looking for snacks made by using healthy ingredients is growing. Well aware of the market needs, Jeonsim Food Co., Ltd. started to produce softly dried sweet potato for the first time in Korea and it now provides a variety of dried wholesome foodstuffs, both to the domestic and overseas markets, made with 100% natural food materials without using additives and preservatives. The sweet potato is a delicious and nutritious food containing carbohydrates, calcium, potassium and beta carotene as well as dietary fiber, which make it one of the most popular diet foods.

Having succeeded in creating the country’s first automated production line through a long series of trial and error, Jeonsim now supplies dried food using not just sweet potato, but also persimmon, cranberry and 100% nut products. Jeonsim Food provides its dried food to Cheongjeongwon, the Korea’s leading food brand, on an OEM basis.

201612cc_page_026_07Equipped with the Korea’s first automated production line, the company can mass-produce natural well-being snacks. They can be kept for six months at room temperature thanks to the retort sterilization system. And for expanded merchantability, the company has launched products mixed with almond, cashew, raisin and cranberry.

Harnessing its industry leading advanced technology, Jeonsim is continuing its efforts to ensure that natural healthy products are available to consumers with convenience under the management philosophy that not only taste and origin but also the conviction of its maker and environment matters to provide good food.

To ensure production of reliable food, the company maintains a clean environment and enforces a strict food-inspection system. Moreover, the HACCP-company is doing its best to ensure strict hygiene management and production of safe food by thoroughly screening out potentially harmful elements through its research lab tests.

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