Producing High-quality Balsam Pear Products such as Tea, Juice, Pills and Powder Gamseong Farming Association Corporation is focusing on producing high-quality balsam pear products such as tea, juice, pills and powder so that consumers can easily enjoy the various health benefi ts of balsam pears anytime and anywhere.

201612cc_page_048_03The company is engaged in cultivating pesticide-free, 100%-organic balsam pears in its directly operated farm in Yeoju village, Uiryeong county, South Gyeongsang province in South Korea. Its clean natural environment with thick forests, clean air, and clear water has made the people of Yeoju village become known for their longevity, where the average age of the elderly is 90.

In this unpolluted natural environment, balsam pears are cultivated in a natural way, without using any agricultural chemicals. Currently, Gamseong Farming Association Corporation is striving to vigorously expand its market base at home and abroad, for its health benefi ting balsam pear fruit tea, juice, pills and powder.

Yeoju Tea and Yeoju Juice – Representative Products of Gamseong Farming Association
Yeoju (balsam pear) tea is hand-made with balsam pears that are directly harvested and processed so that anyone can enjoy the fl avor of the tea along with its health benefi ts.

The bitt er taste, which is a characteristic of a balsam pear, can be enjoyed as delicious taste as it gets infused many times. The tea was designated as an excellent product for the 6th industrialization in 2015 and HIT500 in 2016.

201612cc_page_048_06You can make Yeoju tea by following these instructions: First, insert one or two teaspoonful of the tea for one person each into a teapot and pour hot water for one minute infusion.

Second, you can make a couple more cups of tea with the same. You can enjoy various tastes depending on the quantity of water and tea.

Yeoju juice is made by extracting fresh balsam pears and dried balsam pears using a far-infrared radiation extractor (the company’s patented method), and then fermenting the extracts at a low temperature for 48 hours. It can be stored at room temperature and consumed according to preference, cold or hot, a couple of times a day. It was designated as an excellent product for the 6th industrialization and HIT500 in 2015.

201612cc_page_048_11The juice features 100% balsam pear juice extracted by a far-infrared radiation extractor.

The bitt er taste has been reduced so it tastes smooth and looks clear. It is easily portable so it can be consumed instead of regular drinks.

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