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January 18, 2017


■ Made of the finest calcium carbonate, it is light and draws very smoothly. With clear color and great visibility, it makes students more concentrated. is erased very well and generates little chalk dust. ■ Thin chalks easily break and are dumped often. However, Hagoromo Chalk is thick and long so it is very efficient from an economic standpoint. It is also easy to hold and well coated, causing no chalk dust on your hand. ■ Due to compression molding and special thermal treatment, Hagoromo Chalk is highly dense and consumed very slowly. It is thick and hard, so it is very economical. ■ Chalks are inserted into Styrofoam slots one by one to avoid breakage. ■ Hagoromo Chalk had already been produced under Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS). Even so, we earned Korea Certification (KC) which confirms that our product has no harm to human health from Korea Conformity Laboratories. Hagoromo Chalk is safe and the best in terms of quality.

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