VUUM” Pet Care Drying Room System & Air Grooming Kit[INQ. NO. 1701C22] If you have a dog, regularly bathing and grooming your dog is a basic part of pet care. Even though it is important for pet’s health and hygiene in the home, pet owners may often find drying and grooming their dog after bathing is an arduous and time-consuming routine, especially when the weather is cold. Usually, people use a hair dryer for drying their dogs, but some dogs hate it, because a hair dryer is noisy and the air from the hair dryer is sometimes too hot for them.
IZU Korea has thus introduced a new-concept pet care drying room system and air grooming kit under its brand name of “VUUM” to save the pet owner’s effort and improve the well-being of cuddly pets, by utilizing its proven air-control know-how on cleanroom technology affiliated with industry leaders such as Samsung and LG.
With a pet-friendly design, safety measures and special features made through taking into account a pet’s comfortable drying and grooming, the VUUM pet care system makes washing and drying time much easier and more comfortable for a pet, emerging as a hot item among pet owners and groomers in South Korea.
Another benefit of the VUUM pet care system is that you don’t have to get rid of loose hair during drying your pets from your clothes, couch and carpet.
Pet Care Drying Room System & Air Grooming KitDogs can comfortably sit or lie down inside the VUUM pet care system “W Series” and “K Series” while pleasantly warm air shower blowing from five sides of the dequipment dries every part of their body including the belly and toes. And, circulative air flow mechanism collects dusts and loose furs, while discharging moisture out of the system and supplying fresh air simultaneously. You can also use extra care functions such as the anion generator, aroma capsule/oxygen cartridge and infrared LED/built-in MP3 player for music & infrared light therapy, which will help relieve stress, promote metabolism and blood circulation of the pet animal.
For safety of the pet, the VUUM pet care system is equipped with multi-layer safety measures including an automatic temperature control system. And the half-lock door system prevents air loss, but let’s your doggie push the door open at their will.
In addition to the W Series and K Series of the VUUM pet care system, the VUUM portable pet care room, pet care dryer and anion grooming kit are available. The VUUM portable pet care room is equipped with a wind tunnel for air blowing from two sides, ionizer/care capsule socket, oxygen cartridge pocket, dust/fur filter and pet care met. The VUUM anion grooming kit can collect loose furs while grooming and comes with three different brushes.
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