Reliable and High-performance Electric Breast Pumps[INQ. NO. 1702C50] Uzin Medicare Co. ( won the 10 Million Dollar Export Tower Award at the 53rd Annual Trade Day ceremony hosted by the Korea International Trade Association (KITA) in Seoul in December 2016. This is a remarkable accomplishment within just one year after the company received the 5 Million Dollar Export Tower Award in 2015. The Export Tower Awards are awarded by KITA to companies that contribute to the country’s economic growth by recording signifi cant growth in export volume during one year. The company’s strong growth in exports is att ributed to the huge success of its Spectra breast pumps, designed to meet the needs of mothers around the world. They have various user-friendly features maximizing ease of use and comfort.
Since its founding in 1999, Uzin Medicare has specialized in developing, manufacturing and exporting electric breast pumps and breast-feeding products such as breast milk storage bags and silicon massagers under its brand name of Spectra.
Uzin Medicare has continued to devote its efforts to research and development of even more effective and powerful breast pumps thereby ensuring user’s satisfaction by constantly enhancing its core technical competences.
Based on its proven technologies, Uzin Medicare provides a range of breast pump models with effi ciency and reliability including home use (Spectra S1+, S2+, DEW350-1) and portable products (Spectra 9+, M1, 9S, M2, Q), exporting to many countries such as the USA, Australia, Taiwan, Malaysia, China, Britain, and France.
201702c_%ed%8e%98%ec%9d%b4%ec%a7%80_54_03In particular, the Spectra S series is the company’s flagship product made by using its 17 years of expertise and technology. Equipped with a 12-step adjustable vacuum strength and massage function, it allows for comfortable and gentle pumping. Two models – Spectra S1+ (with inbuilt rechargeable batt ery) and Spectra S2+ (with adaptor) are available.
What’s more, the Spectra S applies the Korean FDAauthorized backflow protector to prevent breast milk flowing backward. And the breast pump works so quietly that the device can be used without disturbing a sleeping baby. It also has user-friendly features such as a two-step mood light that allows a mother to use the device conveniently at night; LCD screen display offering pumping speed, vacuum strength and consumed battery; BPA-free inhaler and feeding bott les.
The Spectra M series is a batt ery-operated portable breast pump. The hand-held device also features a five-step adjustable vacuum strength and backfl ow protector.
The Spectra 9 series is also a batt ery-operated portable breast pump with 10-step adjustable vacuum strength and LCD screen display off ering pumping time and consumed batt ery.
The latest version, the Spectra Q series, features smaller size and lighter design for bett er portability and ease of use.
Uzin Medi care also has prioritized safety in manufacturing its breast pumps, obtaining CE, the U.S. FDA and KGMP certifi cations as well as ISO 13485/9001 for strict quality control.
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