Are Toothbrushes in Your Home Safe from Viruses? Here’s a Perfect Solution![INQ. NO. 1703C38] An insurance planner with over 14 years’ experience who is also a housewife has stepped into making a creative product responding to the needs of housewives who are the true specialists in kitchen and bathroom products.
Woo Jae-keum, CEO of Cheon Woo Good Friends Co., Ltd. says, “My goal is to make New Clean a necessity for bathrooms such as toilet paper hooks and faucets through new designs.” Currently, NewClean is actively pursuing overseas market expansion.

New Clean Toothbrush Sterilizer
The New Clean Toothbrush Sterilizer (CW-500) is produced by the UV sterilization method utilizing a farinfrared heater, rather than the UV lamp method. Sterilizing up to 99.9% of germs, it can be used semipermanently without additional consumables cost. In addition, there is no additional cost and inconvenience of replacing the lamp periodically, and the electricity cost is only about 200 won for 24 hours per month with less power consumption of 6 Watts. Plus, with a built-in automatic toothpaste (KH025521) that allows toothpaste to be wiped without touching the toothbrush sterilizer. (KH025521), it prevents toothpaste from leaking out. Also available is a toothbrush holder that can hold five toothbrushes. The simple and luxurious design is also excellent in bathroom interiors. The cable is 1.8m in length for various sizes and shapes of the bathroom. All parts are detachable, and are thus easy to clean.

New-clean Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser (CW-100,105,200,205,300,305)
This product adopts a vacuum pump eliminating the need for electronic components, and its one-touch system makes it economical and eco-friendly and easy to use for all ages from babies to the elderly. Furthermore, the control button on the toothpaste outlet enables one to squeeze only the desired amount. It can be easily and firmly installed by using the 3M double-sided tape included inthe package.

Toothbrush Sterilizer CUON
Certified by the Korea Environment Merchandise Testing Institute, CUON removes up to 99.9% of Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Salmonella by sterilizing, drying and disinfecting all parts of the toothbrush simultaneously.
It can be installed anywhere and be used both as a stand type and as a wall type, and has a design that fits beautifully with various interiors. Also, the color of the sterilizer’s body does not change even at high temperatures. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods