Portable Skin & Hair Analyzer

http://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1703C02] Established in 2002, Aram Huvis is the creator of the world’s 1st portable skin and hair analysis device. Its devices scan and provide analytics for skin – elasticity, sebum, pore, wrinkles, sensitivity, melanin, acne – and hair – scalp, density, keratin, redness, pore, thickness, cuticle, hair loss.


API-100 is a mobile diagnostic system that a doctor, therapist or aesthetician can utilize. It allows clients to take a deeper look into their skin. This device shows hydration, elasticity, sebum, ance, pores, melanin and hemoglobin in the skin. As it helps identify the need for corrective cosmetic skincare or treatments transforming the skin into the best possible condition, it can come up with a correct type of skincare to address customers’ unique needs, which will eventually turn into a sale. With API-100, selling products becomes easier than ever before.
This independent mobile device can be connected to an existing computer screen, iPad or tablet. Linked with an app available for download on the App Store or Google Play, it is simple, intuitive and ready for use. A series of precision magnifying lenses with 16 LED fl ashlights and a unique UV light provide images for a state of the art analyzer. Along with the revolutionary software development, API-100 can be a great asset to any salon or clinic.
API-100 is the only skin analyzing system equipped with unique features that answer the user’s exact needs allowing them to compare the skin condition before and after a treatment leading to true customer amazement and belief in the products. Results and images can be emailed to the clients or printed whereas the data is stored on the device for a comparison after a few weeks to show the improvement to the clients by using the correct skincare.
The amazingcapabilities of the product promote sales of the entire line of skin care products. A test can be selected to get instant results that will greatly inspire customers and make them believe in the treatment and product.
The results page can be customized to display the product brands to sell or for salons or clinics to recommend. With its built-in WiFi, this device can be connected anywhere even where no WiFi is available.

Although not designed to replace a sales team or specific techniques, API-100 integrates seamlessly with the existing sales pitch and can be easily adopted by any sales person. The product maximizes the potential of every demo session and helps the user close the sale much quicker, which doubles the demo effi ciency ratio, increases sales by 37% and results in an astonishing 72% average closing rate.

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