Compact & Portable Hair Dryer[INQ. NO. 1704C35] UNIX Electronics, a manufacturer of small home appliances, is adding Sugar Rolls to the UNIX range, a lineup of products that are handy and portable − ranging from hairstyling devices to clippers, shavers, and skin exfoliators.
UNIX Sugar Rolls is a hairstyling roller mechanism that is powered by USB, in which it emits heat from the roller to your hair similar to an iron/curler. It is handy as it can be taken and used anywhere due to its compact size, and can be plugged into any USB port, and the application of the roller(s) will only take a minute to get the desired results for one’s hair.
It is heated up to 100 ~ 120°C which is higher than normal USB hair rolls to produce various hairstyles such as bangs and C-curls.
Unlike other existing hair rolls, Sugar Rolls is designed to fi x the hair without using hair clips, thus overcoming the disadvantage of the hair hanging down due to the weight of the hair clips during the hairstyling, and also enhancing the portability.
This product also has an overheating protection function to adjust the temperature to between 80 ° C in which and 120 ° C. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods