Organic Processed Baby Snacks[INQ. NO. 1705C58] Yugginongsan Co., Ltd. is Korea’s first eco-friendly organic processed- food company, and Organic Story is its private brand of organic food products. Providing safe food for adults as well as children, the company has made clean and safe food with certified organic foods, certified raw materials, and certified organic processed foods and thorough quality inspection. Yugginongsan has 160 SKU??? products with various organic processed and eco-friendly products such as organic baby foods, beverages, and snacks.
Its main products are four kinds of organic baby snacks – Banana TongTong, Spinach TongTong, Blueberry TongTong, and Aronia TongTong. The Baby TongTong series is a non-fried puffed snack in bite sizes that contains no synthetic additives or pigments, using organic brown rice and natural ingredients produced in Korea. It helps babies develop their fine motor skills by moving their hands and fingers.
Since 2001, Yugginongsan has been producing healthy foods providing a variety of organic processed and eco-friendly foods to 110 retailers nationwide and five major department stores of Korea. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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