Fermented Brown Rice Enzyme Food

http://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1705C71] Today, many people are suffering from enzyme shortage due to repeated intake of processed and instant foods, exposure to various toxic substances caused by environmental pollution, and stress.
Enzymes are an essential element that exists extensively in all living organisms, from animals to plants and microorganisms. However good the foods are that we consume, if the enzymes are insufficient, the nutrients cannot be well absorbed in the body. When the food is consumed, it is the enzymes that help absorb the nutrients in the body and get rid of waste. Supplementing enzymes in the body through consuming the proper amount of enzyme food promotes the metabolism of the body and is very helpful for maintaining and promoting physical health.
Consumption of enzyme foods has increased as it became known that enzymes increase the basal metabolic rate and help to reduce body fat. In Korea, too, there are various enzyme products. One of them, Hi-saeng is produced by Hi-Mo, a representative enzyme food company.
Hi Saeng is an enzyme food made of fermented brown rice, a mixture of brown rice and rice bran in the ratio of six to four so that all the nutrients of brown rice can be effectively ingested. The main ingredients are produced 100% in Korea including brown rice (52.05%), rice bran (33.39%), soybean (11.78%). Rice bran refers to rice husks and rice germ that are created in the course of polishing brown rice to produce white rice. Since 95% nutrients of brown rice exist in rice bran, it is also referred to as “treasure in brown rice.” They are fermented with aspergillus and lactic acid bacillus by using a patented fermentation technology. Hi Saeng contains vitamins and various enzymes that can be consumed conveniently along with nutrients of brown rice.
Hi Saeng helps to break bad eating habits, prevent the nutritional imbalance of modern people while improving health and physical fitness.
Hi-saeng Gold is made from only six-year-old red ginseng produced 100% in Korea. They are carefully selected and fermentedwith aspergillus and lactic acid bacillus. About four out of ten people who eat ginseng can seldom experience the full efficacy of ginseng. When fermented, however, the effective ingredient of red ginseng is changed into a form that is easily absorbed into the body, and the absorption rate of saponin in our body is increased.
Brown rice is known to contain all nutrients except Vitamin C. Hi-saeng Gold is a high-quality enzyme food with a high content of rice bran with densely concentrated nutrients of brown rice.

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