Fashion Apparel & Living Products for Pets[INQ. NO. 1707C05] Founded in 2015, Hotfi t specializes in manufacturing fashion and living products for pets and is currently expanding into the pet market that includes fair look fashion clothing for pets and their owners, hospital gowns and functional apparel for pets, and veterinary apparel. The main products are Live Love Like Linen Dress, Sunshine Raincoat, Jajang Acrylic Bed, and My Sweet Winter Parka.
Just as fashion is important to people, Hotfi t focuses on design details as well as every single subsidiary material for pets. With its own production line, manpower and technological expertise, the company manufactures quality products that are fully handmade from fabric to subsidiary materials still at ideal prices to meet the needs of consumers.
The products are mainly distributed to premium and boutique select shops, various online marketplaces, and exported to countries like Singapore, the USA, Thailand, New Zealand, etc. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods