Modern Home Deco Products & Accessaries[INQ. NO. 1707C03] THEHAKI is a lifestyle brand produced by DesignOne Inc. Its main products including the lightweight and modern Sandwich Watch and Sandwich Frame and recently introduced Smart Series are also combined with practicality and lightness. THEHAKI products are aimed at customers who value their own space, combining practicality and modernistic designs to suit any space.
Applying a light and three-dimensional sandwich combination method and perforation of the board with evenly spaced holes have enhanced the functionality and usability. In addition, using EVA and Felt material certified by KC makes the products safer and more practical. The variety of specially developed accessories can be attached to the desired locations and can be freely altered. They come on a practical three sizes and 14 colors.
Sandwich Smart Board comes in various colors and shapes, allowing users to customize its combination and color schemes. This product offers the easiest and trendiest way to achieve one’s unique lifestyle. Sandwich Smart Board is light, yet thick in volume; customers can easily mount it on walls without the requirement of tools. For more convenience, the package also includes Wood Ball Pins that are useful for storing small items. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods