Most Important Choice for your Baby’s Health & Environment[INQ. NO. 1707C33] How do you store the childcare supplies and consumables that you have so carefully selected while waiting for the baby to be born? Do you store them carelessly by leaving them exposed to various harmful substances and numerous external bacteria after all the cleaning with a detergent exclusively for children?PIGBEE KOREA specializes in manufacturing fully domestically produced antibacterial baby zipper bags.
PIGBEE Antibacterial Zip Rock, its main product, is a safe, certified product made of excellent and strong antimicrobial material that has been thoroughly inspected by a reputable and highly accredited inspection agency both in Korea and abroad. It can be used to safely store and carry baby items vulnerable to bacteria and infection. PIGBEE Antibacterial Zip Rock is popular among housewives for its excellent antimicrobial effects and well-padded fabrics. Unlike other zipper bags, it is safe for the human body and effective against harmful bacteria and fungi by using the organic antibacterial new material.

In addition, by using a premium antimicrobial vinyl fabric that is thick, with far superior antibacterial effect compared to other zipper bags, PIGBEE Antibacterial Zip Rock can be reused multiple times by washing it and can be safely used for going out, travel packing, and storing baby goods, etc. Equipped with a thick and solid zipper to improve portability, it can be reused without being torn. Furthermore, it can store more goods without letting them fall. From preparing for birth to going out, traveling, baby food, and childcare, safely keep various baby products, that babies touch, suck, and bite, such as baby clothes, gauze handkerchiefs, baby bottles, stroller, and snacks in the PIGBEE Antibacterial Zip Rock,
Whereas other products are generally coated with solid antimicrobial agents in the granular state, PIGBEE’s products are processed by using antibacterial agents from the first production stage, thus providing excellent antibacterial properties and excellent sustainability. In addition to storing baby goods, it is perfect for storing women’s items as well as food such as vegetables to maintain freshness for an extended period of time. When it comes to design, PIGBEE is differentiated from its counterparts with improved practicality. The base, In particular, is designed wider so that the zipper bag can be stood up while using the contents and it is available in various sizes suitable for baby products, from very small sizes to those large enough to store a baby’s bedding. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods