Kitchenware Producer seeking Global Opportunities to Realize a Dream As a Century-Lasting Business Chungcheong Province has a very small number of trading companies compared to other provinces of Korea. However, unlike most others that are suffering from sluggish exports, Chungbuk province’s exports have increased by 2.5% through May this year. Exports, which surpassed US$10 billion in 2010, are expected to reach the target of US$17 billion this year.
Established in 1996, INSAN Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of antibacterial dish sponges and provides ODM and OEM services for large companies such as Amway Korea, Clean Wrap, and Lott e Aluminum. Having contracted with Amway Korea, which demands high-quality standards, for 20 years, the company launched its own brand, Mr. KING of HOUSE KEEPING in 2012 and has been supplying it to outlets and supermarkets nationwide.
One day in 2012, Jeong Her-Heon, CEO of INSAN, adopted a two-dimensional strategy to realize his dream to build a century-lasting business. One was to create its own brand and the other was to enter the global market. Since 2013, INSAN Co., Ltd. has expanded its business into overseas markets and exported to the USA, Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam. With five design registrations, it annually launches new products, and has acquired trademarks in Korea and China.


Antibacterial Three-Fold Sponge Scrubber & Bottle Brush

Mr. KING of HOUSE KEEPING is an antibacterial three-fold sponge scrubber with 66 Nylon developed for longer use, and it is naturally shaped for firm grip and designed with the cute “Happy Smile” design. Making more bubbles only with little detergent, this product enables economical dishwashing while it dries out quickly for longer use.
The ergonomically designed handle of the Antibacterial Bottle Brush is designed for easy and convenient grip as harmless polypropylene material ensures safety of the product while the soft brush part leaves no scratches. The waves design for bottle brush enables thorough cleaning of every corner of the bottle.


Triple Cleaning Techniques Applied to Mr. KING of HOUSE KEEPING

Extra-strong abrasives of the antibacterial scrubber side (blue) are evenly spread over durable 66 nylon antibacterial nonwoven fabric. The scrubber removes old and set stains rapidly and maintains the feel of first-time use for a long time.
With excellent absorption power, the antibacterial sponge (green) generates plenty of bubbles with just a small amount of detergent, and the high-elastic sponge maintains its original form for a long time.
The specially processed mesh net is used for the first time in Korea. With the function of soft brush, the mesh net removes old and set stains in the small gaps without leaving scratches. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods