Non-electric Humidifier

Touching Consumers’ Hearts with Products Superior Both in Design and Quality

I2M is a design product manufacturing company that reaches out to consumers’ hearts with its product design, offering a joyful experience along the way. Its products embody designers’ philosophy and symbolism with the special traits of non-woven materials and structural uniqueness of the product design.
I2M makes attractive high-quality products from strictly selected ideas after careful consideration and technical research. Various original ideas are designed and manufactured to have meaningful value as real products with professional and innovative solutions of I2M. Recently, it has started producing humidifiers based on natural felt, LED lighting products and idea goods.

Animal Series Humidifier – the Representative Design Product of I2M

PIOZIO Animal series humidifier is a small personal humidifier for table use. It is made with non-woven felt and ABS. The felt absorbs water so it is a sustainable humidifier, which requires no electricity. It is eco-friendly and bacteria free as it uses natural evaporation. Once water is absorbed from the pot, the tissue ball with large surface area maximizes evaporation. It is also designed to be cleaned easily. The product comes in various colors and shapes.

In addition to its humidifying function, Piozio Animal Humidifier’s lovely appearance provides a healthy aura around you. Other products of this series include Lucky Rudolph that wishes all the luck to you, Mimi Panda with mysterious secrets in its hat, intelligent Dr. Rabbit and rock festival enthusiast bohemian funky chicken. Just choose your roommate.
Its design is creative and technology is innovative. It aims to introduce design products that stimulate consumers’ sensitivity continuously. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods