Special Hair & Skin Care Cosmetics

http://korean-products.com/inquirySince its founding in 2002, Saerom Cosmetics Co., Ltd. has grown into a professional hair cosmetics company. In particular, it maintains a top position in the field of hair dyes that contain squid ink extract, and it is expanding into home care hair cosmetics as well as basic cosmetics. With excellent quality and price competitiveness, Saerom Cosmetics enjoys annual sales growth of 20 ~ 30% on average.
The success of this company lies in its efficient and stable factory production process based on its ISO and GMP certified facilities, and the leadership of its president and CEO, Kim Eun-ho. In addition, it is establishing its position as a global leader by exporting its products to overseas markets such as the USA, China, Mongolia, and Southeast Asia.

Pyeonan 5 min Speed Hair Color (Shampoo Type)

Small and light, Pyeonan 5 min Speed Hair Color is easy to carry and easy to store. With this product, one can dye hair conveniently using only one pouch. Providing vivid and lovely color, it keeps the hair moist and shiny. It brings good care to hair and scalp even by dyeing for a short time.


LUVSKIN Magnetic Aqua White Mask

This product promotes blood circulation and provides functional nutrients deep into the skin for a clear skin tone. The flow of the micro magnetic field across the crossdistributed North and South poles on the mask directly affects the skin, thus producing a smooth skin texture. This magnetic field strengthens the skin barrier and helps to alleviate skin problems by activating the hemoglobin function in the blood It activates cytothesis to alleviate pimples and other skin troubles.
LUVSKIN Magnetic Aqua White Mask removes the heavy metals in the fine dust that can stick to the skin through more than 600 magnets while causing the nutrients contained in the mask pack to be fully absorbed by the skin.

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