Whitening & Wrinkle-Improving Multi-Functional Cosmetics

http://korean-products.com/inquiryEstablished in 2009, Purecell Korea Co., Ltd. produces cosmetics for women with the motif of “Nature and Pure.” The brand Moistie is already famous among women thanks to its superb quality, function, and eff ectiveness. All Purecell Korea products use only plant-based ingredients that are safe to the skin. In order to protect nature and the environment, product containers are made environmentally friendly as well.


Cell Plus

Cell Plus uses a micro-needle method to help the phytosilica extracted from plants activate the collagen and elastin components of the skin to make the skin elastic and quickly regenerate the skin. It is effective for skin whitening and wrinkle improvement.
It contains vegetable ingredients such as Centella extract that is good for skin relaxation, lavender flower extract that is good for skin relaxation and circulation, green tea extract for skin protection and whitening, rose flower extract for skin moisturizing and vitality, and skin relaxation, and licorice extract for whitening.


Tok Plus

Tok Plus, known as “A Skin Applying Botox,” contains Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 that is effective in reducing wrinkles for a short period of time. It is effective to alleviate skin elasticity and reduce fine lines caused by aging in a short period of time and for short-term skin whitening and wrinkle improvement. Tok Plus is made from mild vegetable ingredients including ginseng extract, mung bean extract, edelvase callus culture extract, lotus callus extract, etc.


Fill Plus

Fill Plus has a unique formulation containing mucin extracted from yam. It has excellent moisturizing effect and keeps the skin radiant right after applying it, as though one has been to a hot spring. It is made from mild vegetable ingredients including diosgenine extract, Edelweiss Callus Extract, Safflower Seed Oil, and Macadamia.
All of these products are currently used in esthetic centers nationwide. They come with syringe-like containers that allow hygienic storage of products and treatment of problematic areas such as pigmentation and wrinkles. In addition, environmentally friendly packaging material is used instead of plastic, which is the main cause of environmental pollution. The company has already completed FDA approvals for these products, and now CFDA and HALAL certifications are in progress.

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