Baby-Care Product

Protecting Your Kid’s Knees from Gravity While Driving


Footrest for Baby Car Seat and Booster Seat

When Kids are sitt ing on the car seat, their legs are being pulled by gravity. Continuous stress may cause knee pain and deformation. And Damage in their knees where the growth plate is densely located may disrupt normal growth. Also Dangling legs may cause blood circulation problems and legs numbness.
To avoid such pain and discomfort, the Kids sit crosslegged and kick the front seat. The car seat footrest protects Kids knees from gravity and provide comfort and stability by supporting Kids feet.
The car seat footrest, KneeGuardKids, is an essential product for Kids who sit cross-legged, put their legs on the armrest or the front seat, kick the seat back of the front seats, and kids who say their legs are hurt while driving.


Safe with car seat, Comfort with CAR SEAT FOOTREST!

inGarden Corporation is a company specializing in research and development of car seat footrests. The founder of inGarden Corporation places top priority on making safe products, as a father of two daughters. He puts all his eff orts into developing the most comfortable footrests optimized for customers and also for his own kids.
inGarden has obtained 45 intellectual property rights for car seat footrests in ten countries including Europe, the USA, Japan, China, Australia, and Canada and has passed the safety standards of the National Highway Traffi c Safety Administration (NHTSA) in the United States. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods