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Black Red Ginseng Steamed and Dried Nine Times

There are people who feel few benefits of consuming red ginseng because the effective ingredients of regular red ginseng are not fully absorbed, depending on the condition of the user’s intestinal microorganism. Black red ginseng contains over 30% ginsenoside, resulting in a higher absorption rate compared to normal red ginseng. Saponin ingredient in black red jinseng dissolves and discharges fat out of the body. It is also used as diet food, and it is known as good food for anti-aging and anti-cancer effect. The saponin contained in black red jinseng produced by Wellbeing Bio is made into metabolite material through a special process, so it is absorbed quickly and effectively into the body.


Product Containing Over 68% Deer Antler Extract

Deer Antler has a warm composition, is tasty, and has great efficacy to protect one’s vigor while strengthening the musculoskeletal system. A typical healthcare product, it is effective for energizing the body, for curing dizziness, erectile dysfunction, etc. as well as effective for women with a cold and weak uterus. Deer antler helps improve brain function, memory, and concentration, and is also effective for preventing amnesia and dementia. Its rich calcium replenishes the bone marrow, and is thus helpful for keeping bones and teeth healthy and relieving osteoporosis symptoms.


Abalone Extract Made with Eight Herbs and Abalone Produced 100 in Wando, South Korea

Abalone, often called ginseng from the sea, has excellent effects for invigorating vital energy. Rich in protein, vitamins, and taurine, it has long since been traditionally regarded as a luxurious seafood product. Historically, Qin Shi Huang in China regularly consumed it as an elixir of life. Abalone growing in the waters of the Korean Peninsula, especially on the island of Wando, boasts the best quality due to the perfect temperature of the sea water.Abalone Extract is produced by Wellbeing Bio is an ophthalmic preservative that shows its effi cacy in improving immunity and energetic potential. It is especially effective when the calories are low and the minerals are abundant and the milk of the mother is diminished | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods