Luxury Fashion Jewelry Brand an official licensee of ‘SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS’, a luxury brand of jewelry, Seediglobal Co., Ltd. is a company with competitiveness both in price and quality by establishing a top-down system, from the design of the jewelry up to the manufacturing and final distribution stage. Seediglobal holds price competitiveness through the establishment of a top-down system, from the design of the jewelry up to the manufacture / distribution.
Since the Shop-In-Shop system adopted innovation, the company is in a position to create a new paradigm in the distribution of jewelry products. Additionally, through the various enhanced product development and overseas launches supported greatly by a licensing agreement with the world-famous luxury brand, SWAROVSKI, Seediglobal is expanding its sales activities to the global markets.


YENO; Young + Elegant + Noble + Only

YENO, a fashion jewelry, was created in 1985 as a traditional and original BRAND with the excellent craftsmanship of Korea and the world’s best SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL. Using Swarovski crystal, YENO is superior in price competitiveness by self-managing all processes from design to manufacture and sales. Even compared to Swarovski products, it is not inferior in terms of quality, design, and glamor with the price only one-half to one-third and each product is guaranteed its authenticity through the Swarovski crystal guarantee tag.

YENO is available via the online shopping mall and five stores, as well as overseas stores in Canada, Vietnam, China, etc. Since signing its first US$1 million export contract with a company that operates 1,600 gift stores in Canada in 2014, YENO has been sold in 70 stores in Canada, as well as a major wholesaler in the USA, three department stores in China including, one of the three largest online shopping malls in China, three department stores in Vietnam, and TV home shopping networks in China, Korea, and Vietnam, | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods