Tasty Scorched Rice Chips & Tea

http://korean-products.com/inquiryNurungji is a traditional Korean food made of scorched rice. After boiling and serving rice. It can be eaten in its crisp state as a snack or as an after-meal rice tea by adding hot water.
GL MORE Co., Ltd. has developed Healing Nurungji made from rice and eco-friendly materials produced in Korea. In addition, while applying for a trademark, “Rice mom, please give more,” the company is producing a variety of processed foods such as tea and snacks using rice that is regarded only as a staple food in Korea.


Give Me More Rice Mom: Healing Nurungji

The company’s main product, Healing Nurungji, is made by using home-grown rice which goes through rice polishing within 24 hours after it is produced. The Nurungji is baked in a gas oven at a temperature of 150-200 degrees C and dried without any artificial additives. The yellowed nurungji tastes savory and has a good, crispy texture.
Made from 100% Korean fresh rice, Rice Mom Healing Nurungji can be a wonderful snack for children, students, and elderly people, and can also be enjoyed as a decent breakfast, while being good for hangovers, and as food for patients as well as snack for hiking and fishing. Each package comes in small quantities, so it can be enjoyed as a substitute for meals or snacks conveniently for outside activities. It is good for diet and is a perfect meal for busy city dwellers.


Give Me More Rice Mom Nurungji Tea with Medicinal Herbs

This simple black tea has gradually become more popular among the youth in Korea. Mom Nurungji Tea with Medicinal Herbs offers the true taste of Korea all year round.
Mom Nurungji Tea with Medicinal Herbs is produced by using materials from Korea such as Nurungji, dried tangerine peel, dried bellflower root, dried ginger, and Chrysanthemum, and materials from Vietnam including cinnamon.

Available in a pyramid teabag, it presents the savory taste of Nurungji and the health benefit of medicinal herbs. Packed in a zipper bag, it allows customers to easily store and taste the tea over an extended period of time after opening the bag. Mom Nurungji Tea with Medicinal Herbs is both hygienic and economical.

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