Bacteria-Free Bathroom Products the bathroom can be really hard and arduous. How stressful it is just looking at the toilet mold! Now, however, it can be easy and even fun., thanks to Zett a Magic Cleaner, a simple-to-use bathroom cleaner that removes 99.9% of germs in your bathroom.
Zett a Magic Cleaner Trigger and Zett a Magic Cleaner Aerosol are trigger-type detergents for cleaning bathrooms by removing bacteria and scaling. Their powerful cleansing effect equipped with a stronger formula keeps the bathroom more hygienic and refreshed. After spraying, the blue bubbles turn white after about 5-10 minutes
Zett a Magic Cleaner Double Action is a household cleansing agent used for removing mold, slime, and soap deposits stuck in the bathroom by simply spraying the foam on the fl oor and wiping with dry cloth. It is easy to use for various surfaces such as ceramics, metal, glass, shower booths, and bathroom tiles. This kitchen cleaner can remove contamination and dirt quickly on the spot easily and hygienically. It has additional effects on sterilization of bacteria up to 99.9%, prevention of recontamination, and glossing.


How to use Zetta Magic Cleaner?

Shake the Jett a Magic Cleaner, spray it about 30 cm apart, and spread it wide. Since it is not a liquid type but foam type, it is easier to observe the sprayed area. The first spray forms blue bubbles, but as the blue turns white, it needs only wiping with dry cloth. In case of severe contamination, apply it with a sponge or a cleaning brush. Zett a Magic Cleaner will remove all bacteria not visible such as Staphylococcus aureus, mold, and E. coli, all over the bathroom.
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