Silicone Products & Convenient Household Goods Silicone Technology Co., Ltd. Is a specialized manufacturer of silicone and household goods that has been manufacturing and supplying daily life products such as bleaching agents, fabric softeners, laundry detergents, as well as silicone products like defoamers, release agents, water repellents, and other industrial coatings
As Dow Corning’s Korean agency, Keumgang has been supplying products to Aekyung, LG Chemical, Doosan Electronics, etc. since 1985. After completing its own silicon manufacturing facility in 1997, the company has been supplying high-quality products such as defoamers. Its products range from softeners to plastic rubber release agents, cosmetic lubricants, vehicle polishes, water repellents for building construction, and other industrial coatings. Currently, Keumgang actively promotes its marketing efforts throughout the Southeast Asian region by providing samples and catalogs in order to facilitate overseas expansion.


Water-Soluble Silicone Antifoaming Agent

KAF-130 provides excellent effect by adding small amounts to water-based foamed liquids. Showing little change in performance against temperature changes, this industrial antifoaming agent is economical with excellent water dispersibility, stability, and durability, in particular. Non-Ionic Silicone Emulsions
KIE-39 is a non-ionic silicone emulsion that is easy to use and has excellent dispersibility and slipperiness. Used as automotive and furniture polish, mold releasing agent, lubricant for textile process, this product is easy to handle and store. It has high stability after dispersion as well as excellent releasing property, water repellency, and abrasion resistance.
UNISIL-320 is a non-ionic silicone emulsion with high stability. It is a low yellowing type fiber softener with low amine content that imparts excellent flexibility and washability to fibers. Cellulose-based or PET-based fibers are strongly bonded to the fiber substrate and are microemulsified to uniformly penetrate and disperse on the fiber surface. This product features excellent flexibility and low yellowing. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods