Electric/Electronic Films & LCD Protective Films

https://korean-products.com/inquiryIn general, liquid crystal glass has to be subjected to a series of processing steps in order to be used for curved edges, which is costly and technical difficult. However, the PU film produced by NIC Corp. has no such problem to be inserted into curved parts since it is film-type that can replace glass. Although a substitute for glass, it is stronger than glass, less likely to wear, and has an attractive appearance. Therefore, it is considered to be a nextgeneration material for curved-edge mobile phones.
NIC is a film producer manufacturing and developing various electric and electronic films and LCD protective films by using solid nanotechnology. Since 2011, the company has produced high-performance bulletproof films such as high-strength reinforced films for glass substitution through investment in facilities and R&D and has established manufacturing lines for thin film, clean room, Roll to Roll system, and OCA Optical adhesive film).
It has also achieved remarkable growth by acquiring patents for manufacturing method and manufacturing equipment of magnetic field absorption films. NIC has been continuously investing, researching and developing and has advanced into markets in Hong Kong, Indonesia, China, Thailand, and many other countries.


Multi-purpose electric and electronic film & protective film based on solid nanotechnology

PU Film of NIC is the only product that can be used on the actual-size liquid crystal for Samsung’s Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note 8, IP8, etc. In addition to mobile phones, it can be used for various purposes including automobile exterior and car batteries. Its transmittance is 93%, which is higher than other glass or transparent PET films, and has excellent surface flatness and self-healing function. This product is water repellent coated and equipped with an easy cleaning function.
Made with acrylic material so that it can cover curved edges, it is used for full-cover protection and also absorbs shock. This product does not change over time and has excellent transparency, elasticity, UV stability, and compatibility. It is available in various thicknesses (20~500um) as well.

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