Cosmeceutical Products[INQ. NO. 1710C26] DREAM COS Co., Ltd. is a newly established company specialized in Cosmeceutical products as an affiliated company of ALL THAT BIO.
DREAM COS is a leading BIO company making constant efforts for restoring modern women’s skin elasticity by developing stem cell culture medium products.
Pure Foam Cleanser contains PRO-PINE naturally grown in clean areas and Pusan camellia extract. It maintains the skin moisture barrier to make skin smoother and healthier.
Healing Mask contains PRO-PINE and Pusan camellia extract and specially coated mask that deliver deep nourishment to the tired skin helping to prevent melanin and brings out your inner youthful glow for a clearer skin tone. It delivers powerful skin brightening effects. Ultimate Youth Activating 4set helps restore the skin`s natural ability of renewal. Various active ingredients in Human Stem-Cell Culture Fluid Extract and Poonggi Red Ginseng revives your skin to feel full of energy. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods