Innovative Skin Care Products in 1999, HongBo Co., Ltd. provides skin care products through state-of-the-art technology and R&D, and provides high-quality products at reasonable prices to overseas markets including Southeast Asia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). In 2016, HongBo launched its own skin care brand MEDIFACE.



MEDIFACE is a cosmetics brand developed by Korean scientists and cosmetics professionals to make your skin healthier and more beautiful. The company’s products are under constant development and testing according to pharmaceuticals standards. Each product line of sheet or gel mask is specially made to solve specific skin problems of various ages because it contains a high concentration of natural active ingredients, peptides and proteins. You can immediately feel the difference immediately after using MEDIFACE’s product for the first time as result of the best high-tech ingredients.


Supple Charge Effect (S.C.ECollagen Essential Mask

This is an essential mask where hydrolyzed collagen and bifida ferment lysate provide a conditioning effect on rough, nutrient-defying skin, giving the skin a smooth, healthier and more radiant appearance. Mask sheet made of cellulose is attached to the skin like soft silk, and concentrated essence provides sufficient nutrition.


WOW Air Cleaning Pad

The activated charcoal from palm trees absorbs and eliminates any gas or smell to make the inside air clean and pure. Other functions include regulation of humidity and emission of negative ions. It is also used inside U.S. submarines.


Oil Absorption Sheet

It can be used to remove oiliness from fatty food such as pork, tempura, pizza, and chicken. One sheet is capable of quickly absorbing up to 150 cc. of oil giving the least taste of trans fat. The sheet can also be used as a plate and simply discarded after meals. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods